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Water Rates 2024

The basic water service fee for a single-family residence (1.0 EQR or tap) is calculated as follows:

(A)      The basic monthly service charge is assessed regardless of water usage or physical presence of a tap. The monthly service charge consists of a base rate charge and a system improvement fee that are $67.00 and $40.00 respectively for the billing period.

(B)      In addition to the basic monthly service charge, water usage is charged based upon the following usage schedule for water produced by the water district:

Usage Range (gallons)              Charge (per 100 gallons)

             0 to 3000                                                     $0.85

             3001 to 6000                                            $1.70

             Greater than 6000                                 $8.00

The Tap Fee for 2024  is $$56,602.86.