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These limitations also apply to residences within the Water District who have wells.

Conservation of water must be a daily goal of all residents so that everyone has sufficient water for basic needs. There are a variety of hints that can help conserve water. The Pinewood Springs Property Owners Association (PSPOA) will get the ball rolling with a few and open the discussion for others to contribute.

  • Always fill a container with water when running the water to heat it for dishes, showers, and other tasks. It can be used on plants, for pets, or to flush the toilet.
  • Turn the water off while soaping hands or face or in the shower or brushing teeth.
  • Use a basin for washing and rinsing dishes. Do not let the water run.
  • Scrape, rather than rinse, dishes to go into a dishwasher.
  • Buy and use up to two rain barrels for outside watering. Place under your downspouts.
  • Fill hot tubs with purchased water or that collected from the roof.
  • Use water-absorbing soil or added granules, such as vermiculite, to help keep moisture in plant pots. 
  • Xeriscape with native, low-moisture plants. Once they are settled in, they need no additional moisture. If planting a tree, consider the cost of having water trucked in as part of the investment.